Words with different meanings

Let’s have a quick look at the expression «n’importe quoi». French people tend to use it to express «anything» like in the example Ex: Demandez-moi n’importe quoi et je le ferai. It literally means «ask me anything and I will do it». But it can have a totally different meaning if it is used alone, …

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Learning French With A Video

One of the best ways to learn a language is to listen to some authentic documents (a video, a recording, an audio, a podcast). You get thus exposed to some «input» (S.Krashen) and your ear gets gradually used to the frequency of the language. Oral comprehension will bring you tons of vocabulary but also syntax, …

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Post 2

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Liaisons In French Phonetics

Liaisons in French phonetics is the appearance of a final non pronounced consonant in the first syllabe of the following word (usually starting with a vowel). The consonant and the vowel merge. In the verbo tonal approach, it is fundamental for a good appropriation of the right pronunciation. There are liaisons with : Ils arrivent …

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French Idiom Of The Month- March

Connaissez-vous l’expression «passez du coq à l’âne» ? According to you, it means : a- Speaking about animals b- Changing completely topics. c- Chat a lot. It indeed means switching from one topic to another one, without coherence and without transition. The expression «saillir du coq en l’asne» already existed in the XIVth century (see …

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