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Frequently Asked Questions

It all depends on your availability. Check with your teacher about the best day and time for you. Lessons can be flexible.

Send me an email and i will assess your level with a written test. It’s totally free adn there is no commitment.

NO. There is no registration fees. The only fee is the class.

Lessons can / must be cancelled 24h before the class and recuperated within 4 weeks. If a lesson is cancelled on the same day, the lesson is due.

It can be done via Paypal or bank transfer. Check with your teacher about payment dates and conditions.

The material is provided by the teacher. They are mainly Word or PDF or audio documents. But it can also be a link on Youtube or another website. It all depends on your level and what we are studying.

Yes, the lesson is mainly going to be in French, as this is the objective (= to learn the language). However, I use other languages (English, Spanish, German) as a support language when the student is blocked.