Integrated Didactics Of Languages

Integrated didactics focuses on the breaking down of the barriers of languages. It enhances the potential of transfer from one language to another one in order to learn a new discipline. It is the medium through which the language taught is the vehicle to integrate academic content  It belongs to the plural approaches in teaching. #similarities integrated didactics

Similarities between languages due to a common ancestor (see intercomprehension) or language contact can be a very strong asset for language learning. The acquisition of a new language must not be seen as an insurmountable obstacle. In fact, languages are all connected and you only need to understand how they are linked in order to integrate it faster and easier.

Spanish, French and English are linked somehow. Spanish is a romanic language, as well as French, whereas English is a germanic language. However, French is the connecting point, the bridge enabling going from one family to the other one, French and English having been in close contact in the past (leading to importation of words).

An example is nouns finishing in « -té » in French which are respectively « -dad or -tad» in Spanish and « -ty » in English. This is not an exclusive rule but most of them use that pattern. Here is a non exhaustive list, so that you can get an idea of how « easy » you could boost your vocabulary level.


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