What program I offer

My services of French language are the following. Just decide on what you would like to learn and what is your specific objective and i will do the rest !

Business French lessons

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Everything you need to make business with a French speaking country
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General French lessons

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Everyday structures to help you speak your mind
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Self study material

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your own pace

Download material and learn at your own rythm
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Customized lessons

Tell me what you need...

Let's talk

It's my pleasure to customize a program for you
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How it works

You inform me about your wish to learn French and about your specific needs.

I will ask your about your motivation, learning preferences, your level (if you know it) and your objectives.

You eventually inform me if you wish to have an assessment of your level.

You have defined the SMART objectives to reach, the deadline, the learning pace, the specific target you want to hit.   

You decide on one of the  services of French language. I send you a detailed program and a quotation.

We set up your learning calendar.

We connect and your learning start. You get a report of your progress after each class.

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